I earned the Stampin' Up! incentive trip to the Greek Isles 2019! #stampcandy

Today I’m sharing photos from the second tour of my trip. Three other Stampin’ Up! demonstrators (Paula Butler, Lisa Freeman, and Lisa Padgett) and I were driven around to various sites of Rome, Italy, by our wonderful guide, Luca. He got us into the Colosseum and the Vatican without standing in the long lines. And he got us a private guide (Chiara) through the Vatican. 

I used my phone to take panoramic photos of some of the sites. The panorama software sometimes makes things look a bit wonky in order to squeeze it all in to the photo. That’s why some of the lines are oddly curved.


Circus Maximus and Emperor’s Palace2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

Arch of Constantine2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

The Colosseum (Il Colosseo)2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

See all the holes? At one time people scavenged for building materials here. The holes are where metal fasteners were removed.  2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

Partially restored area2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

A small area of surviving decorative plaster2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

inside Il Colosseo2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

selfie at the Forum of Rome2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

There’s a mirror in the Church of St. Ignatius so you can see the ceiling without having to strain your neck.2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

panorama of the Church of St. Ignatius2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

selfie in the Church of St. Ignatius2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

the Pantheon2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

Trevi Fountain – Fontana di Trevi2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

Looking down from the top of the Spanish Steps (Scalinata di Trinità dei Monti.) Paula and Lisa F. walked down them. Walking down steps hurts my knees, so I joined Lisa P. in riding down to the bottom to pick them up. I did walk up them after the cruise. The street you see at the bottom is Via dei Condotti, and it’s where all the designer shops are, like Tiffany, Cartier, Gucci, Hermes, Ferragamo, etc. 2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

Our driver and guide for the day, Luca, and our guide for the Vatican, Chiara. 2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

We filled our water bottles at a fountain in the Vatican.2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

one of the many ornate hallways in the Vatican Museums (Musei Vaticani)2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

Amazing ceiling!2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

In this photo, the statue on the right is in the sun. Chiara said the Bronze statue of Hercules in the center really shines when the sunlight hits it. And look at that mosaic floor!2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

mosaic floor detail2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

The walls of this hallway are lined with ancient maps of Italy. And of course, the ceiling is magnificent.2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

Paula, me, Lisa F., and Lisa P. Right after this we went through the Sistine Chapel, where no photography is allowed.  2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

This is the balcony where the Pope addresses the crowd2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

The dome of St. Peter’s Basilica2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

Pietà by Michelangelo2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

panorama of St. Peter’s – it’s a bit wonky because I couldn’t get to the middle of the cathedral2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

bronze statue of St. Peter2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

You can see how his feet, especially the one on the left, have been worn down by people kissing or touching it over the years.2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

This gorgeous painting isn’t a painting. It’s a very intricate mosaic made with teeny tiny tiles.2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

Swiss Guard at the Vatican2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

Castel Sant’Angelo, Mausoleum of Hadrian2019 Incentive Trip - Rome #stampcandy

wide vistas of Romevista of Rome, Italy #stampcandy

vista of Rome, Italy #stampcandy


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