When you receive your new photopolymer stamp sets, the stamps themselves are sandwiched between two clear plastic sheets, one of which has the images printed on it. This sandwich is loose inside the case.

Not too long ago I started inserting the image sheet into the outer case on the back (like the label is on the front) then sticking the stamps directly to the inside of the case over the images. This works great, except that the image sheets can slide around so the stamps are no longer lined up over the images.

cleaning photopolymer stamps h

Enter the ever marvelous and inspiring Mary Fish, who showed this storage technique on her blog, but with an extra tip: use mini glue dots to make the image sheet stay in place. Brilliant! I put one glue dot at each corner and the sheet stayed put. I’m gonna do this with all my photopolymers! Thanks, Mary!

photopolymer stamp storage 1 e

Stamps stuck to inside of case photopolymer stamp storage 1 c

How it looks from outside of stamp casephotopolymer stamp storage 1 d

A few of the photopolymer sets come in a plastic bag instead of a case. But not to worry, the cases are available for purchase.



There are lots of methods people use to clean their photopolymer stamps. This seems to work for me. I keep some unscented, alcohol free baby wipes on hand and wipe the ink off the photopolymers immediately after using them.

cleaning photopolymer stamps a

Then when I’m done with my project, I take them all to the kitchen sink and wash them in soap and water, using my fingers to rub them. A mild dish detergent works well.

cleaning photopolymer stamps c

I pat them dry with a lint free cloth.

cleaning photopolymer stamps e

Then I stick them back in the case.

This method doesn’t prevent all staining, especially if you’ve used an ink with any red in it (orange, red, purple, pink.) But it does cut way down on the amount and severity of staining. I can still use my photopolymer stamps with no problem seeing through them.

Do you have any tips about photopolymer stamps? Please share them below in the comments section!

Thanks for stopping by today, and Sweet Stamping!

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